Run 4 All Women MA

R4AWMA.jpgI am excited to share that on Sunday, August 13, 2017, I will be running in a 50-mile relay to empower women and raise funds for Planned Parenthood League.  Run 4 All Women was born in the early weeks of 2017, right before the inauguration, as many were worried about what the future would hold. Founder Alison Desir, was searching for a way to reconcile the frustration and fear she felt; was there a way to affect real change? The story of how this movement has grown is a fascinating one – I urge you to read more about it here. In short, Run 4 All Women uses running as a vehicle for social change, and to organize/conduct running events that empower women to be the change they seek. I am especially excited about this opportunity because it brings together many things I care deeply about, including running, grassroots activism, and social change.

The one-day MA relay begins in Gloucester MA and ends in South Boston at Thomas Park. The route will be supported by a van with a driver and a navigator. Four runners will take turns running approximately 4 mile segments, with each 4-mile changeover location being accessible by car (with parking) or public transportation. Here is a map with the route:


We are stronger together, so join us on our journey of empowerment, grassroots activism, and advancing the cause of women’s health issues. Here are some ways you can become involved:

RUN WITH US! Runners (women AND men!!) are invited to join the run at changeover locations, and walkers will be invited to join at the last 2 and 3 mile locations. To sign up for a leg, please fill out this Google doc. Volunteers are also welcome to provide support along the course.

MEET US AT THE FINISH! Friends, family and allies are encouraged to gather at the end of the route to greet runners as they finish the journey, at Thomas Park in South Boston.

DONATE! Funds raised will be benefit the local Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts:

If you’ll be out of town the weekend of the event but still want to catch up on how it went, you can join us at OTTO for a pizza and community building fundraiser.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your continued support as I pursue new and exciting adventures!!

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