15 Hours in London

We landed in London around 7:45am, and were welcomed to the U.K. with a 2.5 hour wait at customs to exit the building.  Apparently the lines have been long the last few months – I hope they can get a more efficient system before all the Olympics traffic begins!

A friend I met while traveling in Mexico several summers ago, came to pick me and Laura up at the airport. We went back to his place where we got a proper welcome with authentic English tea.  Then we were off to do a little sightseeing of London. We started with lunch near Charing Cross station and then walked through Trafalgar Square, past Westminster Abbey, and made our way to Buckingham Palace. While we enjoyed seeing the sights of London, both Laura and I were struggling to stay awake due to our lack of sleep on our first flight.  We forged through the day, and were able to meet up with some other friends (shout out to Doreen and Devon for their patience with us during our “zombie” hours!) before we headed back to Heathrow for a 10:00pm departure for Delhi.  At this point, we were exhausted and really hopeful for some sleep on the flight. I was hoping to make it without getting sick. Fortunately, both goals were met and we arrived on an uneventful flight this morning at 11:00AM. I managed to force 2-3 hours of sleep, but by the time we landed I was delirious!

One thought on “15 Hours in London

  1. Josie says:

    Vitamins, pepto & a lot of fiber!!! Hope ur having a blast!!!

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