Jain Bharati Mrigavati Vidyalaya School

On Tuesday (July 10), we had the opportunity to visit the school that is on the Smarak campus.  What a welcome we received! We entered into the courtyard along a pathway lined with students greeting us.  We each received a bindi mark on our foreheads and a marigold garland on the way to our seats.  We were guests at their school-wide assembly, which is how they start school everyday.  1800+ students gather together for mediation, the national anthem, shakras, daily news, and skits.  Afterwards, we got an extensive tour of their medicinal garden, which grows over 40 plants and is maintained by the students and staff.  Here are some photos from the morning visit: ImageImageImageImageImage

After the morning assembly we were part of an interactive session with teachers, staff and students from the school.  We learned about their 3 most important themes: “Understand, analyze, create.”  There were many things that stood out to me about this school but the one that I noticed the most was the push for students’ need to be aware of social responsibility.   All the clubs, activities, and opportunities that exist for students have the notion of social responsibility at the core.  We had the opportunity to hear several students present and talk about the school, and it was clear that the school was reaching what it believes about every child – “You were born to shine.” ImageImageImageImageImageImage

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