Mumbai (part 1)

The last 5 days of my India adventure took place in Mumbai. The honest truth is that by the time we reached Mumbai (we were down to 5 of us at this point), we were all pretty tired. But we managed to get to a few things, including a visit to Dharavi, which I’m saving for another post. (I need to process that experience some more before I can write about it.) We spent a lot of our days exploring the southern part of Mumbai – Colaba Causeway and Crawford Market were the two main ones. The one landmark we ventured to was the Gateway of India, where Gandhi arrived after his time South Africa, and where the last of the British left in 1947.  


Across the street, we could see the impressive Taj Hotel (which we snuck into for a peek, but no inside photos!)


2 thoughts on “Mumbai (part 1)

  1. Katie Lee says:

    I’m officially caught up on all of your blog posts. Looks totally and completely awesome! We miss you!!!

  2. Kelley says:

    Oh no, I just found out that you will be overseas for a looooong time… :_( You might’ve told me before but I forgot and now I’m sad. I always think I only have to endure the summer while you’re gone. I MISS YOU!!!! KEEP WRITING!!!!

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