Bali – week 2 (Ubud, Lombok & Kuta)

Week 2 of our Bali adventure started off on Friday in Paradise. You may think I’m kidding, but I’m not. If you ever get to Ubud, Bali, make sure you stay here, because it’s a little bit of paradise on earth!



Taman Bebek is a small, quaint homestay made up of cottages and rooms, and the property is sprawled across a beautiful part of Ubud amidst rice paddies, rolling hills and above the local river.  Each of the rooms its own unique design and style and the ones we saw were all incredible. Here are some snapshots of the room we stayed in:



We wandered around the property and along the way saw some really amazing landscapes!



Saturday (September 22) was Christina’s birthday!! It started off with breakfast on the terrace:



We then spent the rest of the day wandering the street our hotel was on. We stumbled across a space that looked like it could have been an art studio/hang-out lounge, but there was not one around to tell us more. Since there was no one to stop us, we took some photos:



The rest of the day we spent by the pool and in the evening we went to Mozaic for dinner.  Mozaic serves French fusion cuisine in a garden setting.  They have a fixed menu that changes daily depending on what is fresh.  This place was all about ambience. When you first walk in, you’re seated at a couch where you order drinks and they preview the menu for you. 



After you’ve been able to enjoy your drink, they lead you to another part of the restaurant where you’re seated for a 7-course meal.  They were kind enough to add a little birthday flair to Christina’s dessert:



Our last night in Ubud, we went to see a series of traditional Balinese dances performed at Ubud Palace Courtyard which is supposed to replicate what it looked like during the 16th century.  The dancing was interesting, but they do a lot of expression with their eyes and to be honest, their jumpy eyes started to freak me out a little. I don’t know if these photos capture it, but here is a glimpse:



After our weekend in Paradise, we traveled to Lombok which is another island off the coast of Indonesia. Lombok is becoming an increasingly more popular vacation spot boasting the Gili Islands for water sports, the Rinjani volcano for trekking, and amazing beaches for surfing on the south coast.  Due to time restraints of our trip, we were only able to get to the south coast which is the part with the beautiful white sand beaches.  We took the local (a.k.a SLOW!) ferry from Bali for $2.00 and it took 6+ hours.  We could have opted for the fast boat which takes 45 – 60 minutes, but costs upwards of $45. Here are some photos from our slow ferry ride:



Unfortunately, Christina suffered an injury as we were getting off the ferry and she ended up with a fractured finger. We spent our first morning there driving to the doctor in the ambulance. While the reason for our field trip wasn’t fun, it was interesting to be able to see parts of Lombok that we wouldn’t have had the opportunity otherwise. 



Once we got back to the hotel, we spent our days lazing by the beach and pool!


We went back to Bali for our last night and stayed in a town called Kuta.  It does have beautiful beaches and they are very popular with the surfers. However the rest of the town is a quite crowded with tourists and at night it becomes overwhelming! I think the closest thing I can compare it to is NYC Times Square on New Years Eve.  We focused our time in watching surfers at the beach! 🙂


And that wraps up Bali! Would I go back? Absolutely!



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