Hué, Vietnam

A few nights after Halong Bay, I had my first overnight train experience in Vietnam.  They sure know how to squeeze people into one room – there were 4 of us in our “cabin”. The photos don’t accurately show exactly how small it was in there. I roomed with Mathilda, Amanda, & Laura.


We arrived early the next morning in a town called Hué.  Imperial capital of the Nguyen Emporers, Hué was the political center of Vietnam from 1802-1945.  The most popular way to explore Hué is by motorbike. This was my driver/guide for the tour:


We visited  the Thanh Toan covered bridge; ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

the countryside;ImageImageImageImageImage

the Thu Hieu Pagoda and Imperial Eunich graves;ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

the elephant and tiger fighting arena;ImageImageImage

the former US base overlooking the Perfume River;ImageImageImageImageImageImage

conical hat making:ImageImageImageImageImage

and incense making;ImageImageImageImage

Early the next morning, Mathilda, Amanda & I went see the Citadel.  The Imperial Palace was modeled on Beijing’s Forbidden City, while the ramparts follow French military architecture.  It is comprised of 3 walled enclosures, each within the other.  The exterior moated enclosure encompasses 6 square kilometers.

Editor’s note: I accidentally hit “publish” before putting the Citadel photos up. When I went back to update, I couldn’t have the photos in the same format. You should be able to see a “gallery” below of the  photos. Thanks for your patience as I’m still figuring this site out!

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