Where in the world is Miss Moo?

I recently received from emails from a few of my former students and I realized I never took time on this blog to update everyone on what I’ve been up to. So this post is really for all of my students – its dedicated to you.  While I returned to Boston a little over 8 months ago, life has continued to take me on all kinds of adventures. The most pressing question I want to answer is from my former students.  Most of you have been asking me what I’m doing and if I’m ever coming back to NHCS.  I’ll answer the first question first.  I am now a student as well – I am going to grad school at Northeastern University, right here in Boston. (Christopher Conroy…I’m an official Huskies ice hockey fan!) I’m learning all about the sports industry – from how athletes make it to professional status, to how stadiums are built and how much money it costs…I’m learning about advertising sports through commercials and magazines, and how coaches and teams are bought and sold. It’s all very fascinating and I’m learning a lot.  I’m also working as a soccer coach with a program called HappyFeet. I work with other coaches and teach kids ages 2-6 how to play soccer.  It’s a lot of fun and while I don’t get to see all of YOU everyday, I’m happy I get to see kids everyday.  So school and coaching keep me quite busy.  Now, as for the question many of you keep asking me over and over again if I’ll be returning to NHCS. Right now, the answer is no.  I can’t say I will never return, but it’s not in the plans for a little while. I will be in school at least until May 2014 to finish this degree, and I’m also hoping to coach more and more with HappyFeet.  I know it’s been a while, but if you think back to our meeting when I announced to you all that I wasn’t returning to NHCS, I think you’ll remember that I said I wasn’t coming back because I had a lot of learning I still need to do.  Just like you go to school and do homework and learn new things everyday, I’m doing the same thing. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to teach more future ahimsakas just like you, and use sports as a way to do that.  As I said during my winter visit, even though I won’t be there everyday, if you let me know when your games, recitals, field trips, or school events are, I can try and make them.  If you’re doing something special for Town Meeting, I’ll try and come to that as well.

I have so much more to share, but I will close this post here. You can respond on the blog or you can email me (teachermoo2@gmail.com) anytime. Miss you all a lot, and I hope the beginning of fourth grade is going well!!!

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