9 hours…

I’m one step closer to leaving the country! I arrived in Long Island last night to meet up with my friend Laura, who I’ll be traveling to India with. We were chatting last night that the anticipation around this trip has been building for so long, that we’re both ready to just get there.  We’ll spend the day here and our flight leaves tonight at 7:30pm.  Our first stop will be in London – we have a 15 hour layover so we’ll be able to get some sightseeing in. We both have some friends we’ll be able to meet up with and it’s nice to break up the very long flight to Delhi.

I’ll be in the air during the NBA draft, so I’m hoping someone (I’m looking at you Leon, Sekou and Jason) will please comment with the highlights (Anthony Davis, Dion Waiters, Austin Rivers) and any big surprises! I might be leaving the world of sports for a bit, but my sports pulse will always be alive and kicking!

3 thoughts on “9 hours…

  1. Kelley says:

    I can’t wait to hear all about India!! You are so “Eat Pray Love” right now, I’m jealous!! (LOL, I know you weren’t partial to that book. : )

  2. Sekou says:

    You probably know by now but the Celtics drafted Sullinger and TWO former Cuse players including Fab Melo.

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