3 School Visits in Aligarh

Despite being out in rural India, it was encouraging to see the time and effort that was being put into various schools we visited. The first one was Prakash Academy School – a tuition free school run by the Jains and geared towards helping the poorest families living in local villages. This school did not have a lot of the bells and whistles that the other schools we saw had, but the very presence of the school – the fact that it exists and runs as well as it does with as little as it has – is an amazing example of ahimsa. Here are some images from the school:


The second school we visited is Mangalayatan University. This university is only 5 years old, but they seem to be making a lot of progress. It was interesting to consider the fact that it was located literally out in the middle of nowhere.  Not much to tell about this school (at this point, I was on “school visit overload”) but here are a few photos:


The third school we visited was Delhi Public School. This school was also founded by Jains and while students have to pay tuition to attend, it operates on a sliding scale basis. One of my favorite parts about the school is their motto:



One thought on “3 School Visits in Aligarh

  1. JMarsh says:

    I like the words to live by section….i’ll have to steal… i mean “borrow” them 🙂

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