Mahaveer Public School

The last school visit of the program was on July 19.  We went to Mahaveer Public School in Jaipur.  If you’ve been following the other school visits, it was similar to most of them. Think of this as more of a photo entry 🙂


We were welcomed by the Girls’ Bagpipe Band – they are all very proud members!





Love that they call their art room an Art Cottage. The art instructor says she believes having space available in which students can let creativity flow and let the ideas come as they may. She always has beautiful, calming, and inspiring music in the background because she believes music can unlock creativity in the brain.


All around the art room (and the entire school) were student-created posters and projects. They were all amazing! Here are some examples:



They had a huge library with books in English, Hindi, and Sanskrit.



Good to know someone still uses a card catalog!





They have a new gymnasium in their building. We visited 11th graders during their yoga class. They have yoga class 3 days a week in addition to their regular PE classes.




The school uses a handwriting method called the Dandia Technique. This is a mandatory class for all 9th-graders and it is possible to not pass it. It’s amazing that they make time to ensure proper handwriting is being used. We got to sit in and watch how it is taught, and afterwards we saw some performances from their cultural groups.



A great visit with some amazing students!



One thought on “Mahaveer Public School

  1. Shannon says:

    I LOVE the poster: Bound by the greatest religion: humanity. Do you know if that’s a quote or if the student came up with the phrase themselves? It’s such a beautiful sdescription of what I believe in. Thank you for posting it.

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