Teachers in India comes to an end

July 20 marked the last day of the formal program. One of the highlights was getting to meet a woman who worked with and personally knew Gandhiji! She was an inspiration and a pillar of strength!


This is me with Mr. Shugan Jain, our lead teacher and the person who helped make this program possible:


And this is our whole crew after certificates were given out:


Three weeks went by quick! We battled the intense heat and humidity of Delhi, lived in the horrid rooming conditions at meditation camp, survived “Jain jail” in Aligarh where we struggled to demonstrate ahimsa on numerous crickets, and dealt with naked Jain monks in Jaipur. But we also witnessed amazing things happening in schools across India, learned that nonviolence can be taught to children, were inspired by some incredible students, were appreciated for being educators, drank countless cups of delicious chai, shared with and learned from each other, and I know we are all walking away from this as better people than we started off.  For me, I know what I need to do:



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